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The Fight Lab was established by Kon Pappy in 1994. The goal of the school was to bring the most efficient and scientifically sound techniques from various martial arts into one system. The system had to be simple, yet effective and easy to learn regardless of age, size or gender. In the last 20 years we have produced over 30 state and national champions including 6 world champions in a variety of combat sports.


Our class sizes are limited to no more than 20 students in order to keep the quality of coaching at the highest possible level. The first month of training at The Fight Lab is a probationary period allowing you and us to ensure that we are well matched.


Our values are Passion, Honour, Respect and Discipline, we are a selective school taking on students that share our values. Money does not guarantee a Black belt at The Fight Lab.


Fitness, self defense or the urge to be competitive

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Our team

Head Coach - Kon Pappy

Kon Pappy's martial arts career spans over 30 years. He has competed at National and International levels in Wrestling, Sports Jiu-Jitsu, Pankration, Sambo, MMA and Boxing.

Kon has successfully trained over 20 state and national champions. He is the current coach for the World Federation Pangration Athlima and a former 4 time World veteran's champion.


Diploma in Sports Coaching

Diploma in Fitness

Pankration 7th Level


Assistant Coach Anthony - Dimitriou

Anthony Dimitriou has been training for over 12 years in Pankration and is a former State Champion, Australian and World veterans champion.


He is an official for the UFC and the Combat Sports Authority and has a certificate in sports coaching.


Our values are

Passion, Honour and Discipline.

A selective school taking on students that share our values.

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